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Layers & Masks
Create awesome composites by combining multiple images into the document.
True layer support with pixel perfect blends, and options like masks, ability to clone and delete layers etc.
Laminar packs in a complete collection of brush tools, which allow you to easily personalize your images.
Easily scribble your thoughts, or precisely adjust the tones with help of Burn/ and Dodge tools.
Poweful Tools
Use powerful tools like the clone, and the smudge that allow you to not just adjust, but create your art on the move.
Some of the other features include: Gradient, Annotation, Dodge, Miniature, Texture etc.

Auto Correct

With just a click of a button, add life back into your images.

It simultaneously fixes 5 major issues, namely White Balance, Color Saturation, Gamma, Brightness and Contrast.
Social Focus
Easily import images from multiple online sources including Facebook, Flickr or easily search for one on Microsoft Bing!
It's also easy to share your work on services including Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox or on your personal FTP server.
Auto-Recovery works behind the scene to save your edits without interrupting your progress. It insures that under no circumstance, is your work lost.
Entire document, including layers, masks, history etc. are restored, just as you had left it.
Whether its' adding simple text, or adding "thought bubbles", annotation tool can get that done easily & quickly.
We have also packaged in a couple of stamps and styles, allowing you to personalize images with complete ease.

Lighting Engine

Architect your shots like a Pro!.
Lighting Engine allows you precisely adjust the luminanace settings of the scene by adjusting the source, focus, and the nature of the light present.